Kecia Golay, the daughter of Helen Gola,: 5 Fast Facts

Ksenia Gole is the daughter of Helen Gola, a woman who was convicted of planning the killing of homeless people. Due to her close relationship with her mother, Helen, she has been subject to intense scrutiny by the media.

If you consider yourself in the crowd wanting to find out some brief information about Ksenia and her mother, you are in the right place. Keep reading this article for a broader perspective.

Helen shells the girl
Helen shells the girl

Helen Gola and Ksenia Gole, their daughter

Ksenia Gole is the daughter of Helen Gola. She is one of two women who conspired with another woman to kill homeless people more than ten years ago.

In 2006, two women reportedly raised millions of dollars in life insurance benefits for two homeless men. After some time, the men lost their lives due to fatal accidents. After some time, Helen and another woman were considered prime suspects by the police.

Olga Rutterschmidt was the other woman who helped Helen raise donations with her.

Both women were arrested for cheating and after they were taken into custody, the police took them. According to the claims, Helen and Olga in turn claimed to have been engaged to one of the homeless.

Two elderly women claimed to be close relatives of two homeless people and their business partners. She allegedly did this to obtain funds worth over $ 4 million. In fact, the women managed to raise a total of $ 2.2 million.

Not only did Helen and Olga raise $ 2.2 million, but they also sued other companies who refused to pay their claims. After committing the fraud, they were under the control of the police and relevant authorities.

As there were more homeless people vulnerable to danger, the police kept an eye on them. In order for the officers to do their duty and prevent anything bad from happening, it was imperative that they maintain control over the two women.

Shortly after two women had to wait a while to qualify for the insured sum, the two men, Kenneth McDavid, 50, and Paul Vados, 73, died. The women had to wait for him. Both McDavid and Vados were killed in separate incidents; McDavid in 2005 and Vados in 1999.

Initially, women were prime suspects in the deaths of only two men because there was not enough evidence. According to the FBI, he first made friends with Vados and McDavid and gave them apartments in exchange for their signatures. She would also offer her some money.

After obtaining the signatures of two men on life insurance policies, Helen and Olga reproduce the signatures of the two men on rubber stamps. This was done after obtaining the signatures of the men. You used a rubber stamp to get a large number.

Kevin Smith, an attorney with the American Life Insurance Company of New York, said he has seen all kinds of tricks and methods to defraud insurance companies in the past, however the two women had never seen such a thing.

Speaking of Helen’s daughter, Ksenia, she told the Los Angeles Times that her mother was not the one who conspired against the two men. Despite this, the court sentenced the two women to conspiracy to combat homelessness in 2008, two years after the original trial.

Age and height of Ksenia Gole

As for Ksenia Gole’s age and height, we currently don’t have exact information about her date of birth or age, which is a shame considering the topic.

The same can be said for his height, weight and a number of other physical measurements; All of this has been kept secret. To date, the only publicly available information about Helen’s daughter is her name. There is nothing more important in her life.

In fact, it is almost impossible to find complete information about his mother on the Internet. Very few publications and other sources have exposed it on the web. As a result, very little related information can be easily obtained at this time.

In light of the above, regarding the ages of two elderly women, Olga and Helen, their respective ages in 2022 are 88 and 91. In 2006, Gole was 75 and Rutterschmidt was 72.

Helen Gole and Olga Rutterschmidt
Helen Gole and Olga Rutterschmidt

husband of ksenia gole

As mentioned above, there is little reliable information about Ksenia Gole that can be found on the Internet; As a result, we are unable to confirm or deny rumors that he is currently married.

With that in mind, they should have been married by now. It’s been 16 years since this incident happened. Despite the fact that there is a high probability that Ksenia is a married woman, this statement has not yet been confirmed.

Furthermore, the current romantic status of Helen’s daughter Ksenia is unknown. Ksenia is Helen’s daughter. We will update the article after obtaining information from reliable sources.

Where is Ksenia Gola: where exactly is she?

Speaking of where Ksenia Gola is located, unfortunately, information about her current location remains unclear at this time.

Netizens are curious about what she is doing these days and want to know more about Helen and her daughter. However, internet users should avoid making hasty decisions until more reliable information is available on the web.


Paolo Vados

On November 8, 1999, a homeless man named Paul Vados, who had reached the age of seventy-three, was found dead in an alley in Hollywood, California near 307 North La Brea Avenue. Vados, who had left Hungary and emigrated to the United States in 1956, was the victim of a hit and run.

Gole and Rutterschmidt began the process of underwriting life insurance policies on Vados two years ago, in 1997. They have named themselves as beneficiaries of the policy. After Vados’ death, Gole and Rutterschmidt received benefits from each of eight different life insurance policies under their name.

By McDavid Kenneth

On June 21, 2005, a homeless man named Kenneth McDavid, then 50, was reportedly hit by a 1999 Mercury Sable station wagon. The incident was filmed by security cameras. McDavid is originally from the northern part of California and studied at Sacramento State University.

Golay and Rutterschmidt took out a total of thirteen insurances on McDavid during the months of November 2002 and March 2003 for a combined value of $ 3,700,000.00. Both Golay and Rutterschmidt have been featured as McDavid’s business partners, cousin or fiancĂ©e in various insurance claims filed.

Gole had received a total of $ 1,540,767.05 in insurance proceeds from McDavid’s death prior to his arrest, and Rutterschmidt received a total of $ 674,571.89 from the same income.


Olga Rutterschmidt was born in Hungary in 1933. In 1957 she moved to the United States and together with her husband opened a bar in downtown Los Angeles. In the 1970s, after the divorce, she moved to Hollywood.

1931 marks the year Helen Gole was born in Texas. She not only owned the property she lived in, worth $ 1.5 million, but also three additional rental homes.


Nine acts of murder and fraud committed by women were not accepted as evidence.

Rutterschmidt contacted Jimmy Covington, a 48-year-old homeless man who was the third witness in the trial. Covington claimed to have taken him for lunch at a Burger King restaurant and promised that he would provide him with food, shelter, social welfare help and other services for the poor. He claimed he left after a few days because he got suspicious when Gole and Rutterschmidt asked for his signature on documents and his date of birth, social security number and other personal information.[8] By that time, Gole and Rutterschmidt had filed a life insurance application for Covington.

Shelley Samuels, the assistant district attorney in charge of the prosecution, compared the case to “arsenic and old lace, but without Cary Grant.”

Conversations between Gole and Raterschmidt that were secretly taped while in police custody were included in the prosecution case. you can not do this. Stupidity You’re going to jail, honey. They’ll shut you down, Rutterschmidt warned in a chat with Gole. Suspicions were actually raised when a detective overheard a colleague discussing a case whose characteristics were nearly identical to another.

In April 2008, Golay and Rutterschmidt were convicted of the murders of Vados and McDavid in Los Angeles, California, as well as conspiracy to commit a first degree murder of Vados. Gole was found guilty of McDavid’s first degree murder. As a member of the jury had to go on leave and was replaced by a substitute, the sentences in various cases were carried out over the course of a week. The trial judge ordered the jury to resume deliberations after the appointment of an alternate juror because the previous panel was unable to agree on the other two cases against Rutterschmidt. Both women were sentenced to equal terms of life in a California prison with no parole.

Initially on August 18, 2009 by the Court of Appeals, Second District, Division 5, State of California, and finally by the Supreme Court of California on October 28, 2012, the conviction and sentencing appeals would be dismissed and the decisions upheld. . ,

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