Kartika brata will start in Puri from October 10

Cigars: The famous Rai Damodara Puja will begin in Puri on Odisha from 10 October 2022. During this puja, Habisialis will remain in Puri to continue the worship. In Vrundabati Niwas, Bagala Dharmasala, Bagediya Dharmasala and Mochi Sahi Kalyana Mandapa, arrangement has been made for the stay of Habisialis.

Apart from this arrangement is also made for worship, proper darshan of the deities, Bhajan Kirtan, security and Mahaprasad, the offering.

So far, as many as 1920 habisials have signed up for the same. Officials and staff have been instructed to take proper care so that no habisiali faces any problem during their stay in Puri.

Security is provided at every place where the Habisialis will stay. The District Police Department has done all this.

Online registration was accepted until the 29thth for Kartika habisyalis. They registered on the website www.puri.nic.in.

The famous Raidamodar Besha will be held on the 6thth. The rituals of the month of Kartika and Bala bhoga will be practiced in Puri. From October 10, habisyalis will take vow (Sankalpa) and start Kartika brata.

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