Kartika brata starts in Puri today

Cigars: The famous Kartika Brata will start today at Puri Of Odisha. During this time the Habisials will remain in Puri to continue their pilgrimage. Arrangements have been made at Vrundabati Niwas, Bagala Dharmasala, Bagediya Dharmasala and Mochi Sahi Kalyana Mandapa for the stay of the habisialis.

It is to be noted that proper arrangements have also been made for worship, darshan of deities, bhajan, kirtan, spiritual discussion and reception of Mahaprasad by the district administration.

From today habisyalis will take vow (Sankalpa) and start Kartika brata. They will offer their prayer to Raidamodar near the Tulasi (sacred plant)chaura and continue this brotherhood for a month.

According to reports, 2,935 habisialis are staying in five centers organized by the Puri district administration. All security measures have been taken by the administration. Kartika brata will be formally inaugurated at Vrundabati Nivas by CM Naveen Patnaik through video conference.

Raidamodar puja and habisyali brata will continue till November 8.

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