Kanye West Claims He’s Been To ‘Beat A Pulp’ After Losing $1 Billion In Deals

Kanye West lost $ 1 billion in contracts following his anti-Semitic breakdown.

American rapper Kanye West recently claimed he was “beaten to mush” after several brands ended their partnership with him. a relationship of 9 latest news claimed to have lost $ 1 billion in trading as a result of his anti-Semitic meltdown.

Mr. West complained on Instagram Saturday that his empire was collapsing. In his post, he wrote: “Unknown forces are trying to destroy my life with a tweet, does this prove my so-called suspect was true? Drive with love. It’s a love talk.”

His post said, “While I’m still allowed to take the Mark Zuckerberg stage, I’ll say it again, let’s look at contracts, movie deals, sports deals, music deals, hostages.”

Mr. West tried to oversee the deals, referring to several lucrative deals that have recently failed due to his continued attacks on the Jewish community.

“Let’s take a look at the contract so we can do better business or do better. I have been reduced to a pulp and have no responsibility yet, “she said.

According to 9 latest news, He also claimed that unknown forces were trying to destroy his life with a tweet. In a tweet earlier this year, where he said he wanted to talk about “Mutt Ke Thief 3 about Jews”.

Mr. West’s Twitter account was reinstated earlier this week, with new owner Elon Musk claiming it was done prior to its acquisition and without his knowledge. West hasn’t tweeted since October 9.

Earlier this month, the rapper’s Instagram account was also banned due to anti-Semitic statements against Sean “Diddy” Combs, who claimed to be controlled by Jews. The outlet further explained that the move resulted in many of Mr. West’s business partners leaving him.

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