Kaitlyn Bristowe rocks a sexy bathrobe for Glam TikTok

The Bachelor star Kaitlyn Bristowe won Dancing with the stars two years ago. But it doesn’t look like she’s stopped working out and moving since the end of season 29. The 37-year-old posted a fun video on TikTok that reveals she’s still in amazing shape. It doesn’t matter if Kaitlyn is in a towel or dressed up for going out on the town. She will be glamorous in both cases.

Keep reading to see the video for yourself!

Kaitlyn Bristowe is KILLING on TikTok and getting laughs too

Although Kaitlyn Bristowe is an iconic member of Bachelor Nation, she also has no problem poking fun at herself. She is currently hard at work planning her dream wedding with her fiancé, Jason Tartick. But she still has time to make funny TikToks too.

Caitlin Bristow and Jason Tartick/Instagram

In the new video, the ABC star starts out in a bathrobe with her hair in a towel, lip-syncing to the audio. The lyrics “It’s Britney, bitch” play and Caitlyn transforms into a stylish white two-piece with a sparkly top. She looked stunning, but she also couldn’t help but chuckle a little to herself.

“Kaitlyn No Breasts. Where is my IBTC?” she wrote on TikTok.

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It was definitely a sweet video and fans really resonated with it. Kaitlyn Bristowe remains one of the most popular figures in Bachelor Nation, and fans can’t wait to see more of her wedding plans. Hopefully she’ll share more of these very soon.

The Bachelor the star remembers his time DWTS so gently

Back in DWTS Season 29, Caitlin Bristow and her professional dance partner Artem Chigvintsev made a big splash. It was really no surprise that they were able to walk away with the Mirrorball Trophy in the end. But are the two still in touch?

“You know, the funny thing is, I actually feel like Artem and I had… this [was] as a business,” Caitlin said Us Weekly about their current relationship. “And then we moved on and I haven’t really spoken to him, which is kind of sad. I do not know. He is busy, dancing every day. He has a cute little boy at home and just got married [to Nikki Bella]which I was so excited about them.”

However, The Bachelor the star did not close the door to a reunion in the future. Meanwhile, she’s eagerly cheering on Season 31 contestant and fellow Bachelor Nation fan Gabby Windy.

Stay tuned for more information on Kaitlyn, Gabby and the rest of Bachelor Nation! There will be more news to share soon.

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