JWoww and Roger’s breakup is the subject of discussion on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is all about the crazy lives of the people who made the Jersey Shore so popular. But now it’s also about the drama in their personal lives, like the divorce of Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Roger Matthews.

Their issues and eventual breakup were on display on the show and JWoww was able to talk as much as she could about everything. Now that she’s divorced JWoww has completely moved on from her marriage.

But fans who watch the show but don’t pay attention to what happens in real life between seasons may be wondering why JWoww and Roger broke up. It wasn’t as easy as just breaking up, and Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will likely continue to explore that.

What exactly led to JWoww and Roger breaking up?

After almost three years of marriage, JWoww filed for divorce in September 2018. The Asbury Park Press in New Jersey obtained court documents saying “irreconcilable differences” were the reason for the filing.

The complaint filed by JWoww says that the problems in their marriage “caused the marriage to break down for a period of at least six months, making it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation.”

After separating and then divorcing, JWoww and Roger continued to fight publicly on social media both directly and through vague Instagram posts. In December 2018, Jenny was granted a temporary restraining order against Roger after they got into a fight at their home. Then in April 2019, JWoww posted an Instagram story calling out Roger for missing a weekend with their kids to go out with his friends.

Jwoww has gotten over her failed marriage and is moving on with her life

Jenny was able to move on, although the end of her marriage to Roger was such a mess that it carried over into their divorce proceedings. In fact, she introduced her housemates to her boyfriend Zach Carpinello in the first half of Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. At the time, he was called “24” because he was a few years younger than JWoww.

Although Zac was accused of getting too close to fellow Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnik when they were all at a club together, JWoww and Zac are still going strong. In February 2020, Zac posted a video on Instagram of him spending time with JWoww’s son. It shows that things are even better than before.

Pauly D and JWoww may be on a family vacation at the Jersey Shore

Although JWoww and Zach are doing well and she’s completely moved on from her divorce and Roger, there’s a chance that the second half of filming for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 will cause another problem in her relationship.

In the season trailer, JWoww and Pauly D are seen getting closer and it’s clear that they have feelings for each other that aren’t reciprocated. Right now, it looks like JWoww has moved on with Zac and is happy to start a new life with him.

But she’s known her Jersey Shore co-stars for a long time, and anything can happen. The good news is that JWoww and Roger’s divorce is over and they have both moved on with their lives. Every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, tune in to MTV to watch Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

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