John David Washington says being known as ‘Denzel’s son’ is ‘inevitable’

Despite his own success in films such as Hollywood The theory And BlackKeckKlansman, John David Washington knows that any story about him (including this one) will inevitably identify him as “the son of Denzel”. it’s something 38 years old amsterdam Starr, the eldest son of actors Paulette and Denzel Washington, has finally made peace, he reveals CBS Sunday morningKelefa in love new interview,

“I have to understand that I can have the best sport, career … The title will always be what it is,” says the player turned actor. “So it’s foolish to try to prove anything to someone.”

But little Washington was the first to resist following in his parents’ footsteps.

Washington says, “My mother is an extremely talented artist and my father is one of the greatest actors of all time. He’s my favorite actor. ”He Said the thought of becoming an actor seemed“ daunting ”given the inevitable confrontations to come.

Of his decision to stand out not as an actor, but as a college football star, he says, “It just didn’t seem that easy to pursue.” By choosing to hide his acting dreams because of who I belong, he instead poured his energy into playing for Morehouse College and, later, the United Football League.

“What really inspired me was the freedom. I had my name, I was able to carry my weight in my life, even though I was hiding what I really wanted to do, “says Washington, who also signed with Goal. Of S,

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