Jiro Matsumoto’s Beautiful Place Manga Resume in 2023

Complex announced this on Thursday Jiro Matsumotois nice place The manga will resume publication in 2023.

Matsumoto launched the manga on Comiplex in April 2021 and Hero Inc. Final chapter published on January 21st. Hero Inc. He published the first volume compiled on March 29th.

The shooter manga follows two girls born in Japan during a civil war. Shimon Hanazawa is a woman who participates in the “volunteer activities” of her school and Momoko Kosaka is her classmate and coach.

Launch of Matsumoto and Yoshio Nagai

ichigeki manga inside comic rain In April 2016, before the manga was moved later comic rain twinsThe manga ended in November 2020. main place He released the seventh and final compiled volume of the manga in March 2021. Matsumoto drew the manga and Nagai was credited with the original artwork.

Matsumoto was recently launched regiment manga inside comic rain twins revised on May 13 and the series ended on September 13. A compiled volume of the manga will be shipped in December.

Matsumoto launch Velvet and Circle manga inside Ohta Erotic manga F after revision freesia Manga in 2009. Ohta compiled and published the manga in a book section in November 2009. Support He published the manga in English.

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