Jill Chin Talks Naked Dating and Love Triangle in ‘BIP’

Jill Chin got off to a bit of a rough start Bachelor in Paradise. She thought Romeo was the man for her, but then he made a move on another lady. She wasn’t done and stayed on the beach after he gave her the rose to find the man of her dreams.

Jill was surprised to discover that she had a lot in common with Jacob Rapini. That spark turned into a flame when they had to go on a date together. Jill stopped by Click Bait with Bachelor Nation to talk about his experience so far. Read on to see what she had to say about the date and being in a love triangle from the jump.

Jill Chin said Jacob was unexpected

According to Bachelor Nation, Jill Chin said she didn’t expect a relationship with Jacob. She said that when he came down with a leaf and was acting crazy, she thought he was a clown. One evening they sat talking to each other and discovered that they really liked each other.

She said Jacob “doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he also has a lot of depth and is so sweet.” Jill said she felt special that he cared for her. Tia Booth, Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker wanted to know how she felt about getting naked on their first date.

Jill Chin, YouTube

She said it was perfect for them and they were up for anything. Jill said that if it had been anyone else, she wouldn’t have done it.

The love triangle was awkward

Jill Chin also talks about how she ended up in a triangle with Romeo Alexander and Kyra Mengistu. She and Kira were friends and met Romeo in New York. They had known each other since Harvard, but this was the first time Jill had met him. Kira and Romeo went on a date.

She went out with him one night with other girls from her season and said he acted like bachelor. He took each of the girls to go talk. Kira later asked him if he liked her or Jill better and he said Jill. After that, since Jill wasn’t interested, she and Kira decided not to let it come between them.

Jill Chin, YouTube
Jill Chin, YouTube

Kira then saw him without telling Jill and they kissed. Jill was hurt because she thought they should have been honest. When they got to the beach, Romeo and Jill started talking and Romeo told Kira that he wanted Jill. Of course, he also tried to talk to Brittany Galvin and blew every chance he had with Jill. She moved in with Jacob and he left the beach with Kira.

Now that the previews have revealed the new twist where the girls were sent away to make way for new girls, it remains to be seen if Jacob and Jill will last. What do you think of their chances as a couple? Comment with your thoughts below.

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