Jharkhand girl forced to strip by teacher sets herself on fire

In a shocking incident, a schoolgirl in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur set herself on fire after being forced to remove her clothes by a teacher.

The girl was a student in the ninth grade and the teacher forced her to undress, suspecting that she was cheating in an exam. After the incident, she was rushed to a nearby hospital and is currently in critical condition.

According to police, the teacher became suspicious that the student was carrying paper chips in her uniform.

In her testimony, the student said that the teacher humiliated her and made her undress in the classroom next to her. He did it to check if she was hiding the cheats in the uniform.

The victim’s mother said in her statement that she set herself on fire shortly after returning from school. Because he could not bear the humiliation.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been filed against the teacher and further investigation is underway in this matter, officials said.

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