Jewels worth lakhs stolen from mansion: Bolero riders broke locks of mansion, made jewelery for marriage

Bolero Knights stole jewels worth around three lakh rupees from the Khandela Police Station mansion. Family members woke up when night fell, but the evildoers fled the Bolero. People were chased from a long distance but due to the darkness the unbelievers could not be found.

Pokharmal filed a complaint with the Khandela Police Station claiming he had an old mansion in Sukhpura. Due to the construction of new houses, his family lives there. On Saturday night, 4-5 villains riding Bolero entered his villa by opening the main gate. Upon entering, the thieves broke the locks of two rooms in the haveli. After breaking the lock, the unbelievers took two boxes away.

the people drove out the unbelievers

Pokharmal said two Haveli family members were also sleeping. After the sound, I fell asleep. When she looked out, 4-5 unbelievers were running towards Bolero. They raised the alarm and people even chased the Bolero car for a long time but ran away. He said that the unbelievers found the two empty boxes at a distance and that the gold and silver jewels and the money in them had disappeared.

Over 2,000 gold and silver jewels stolen

Pokharmal said the thieves got 6,000 rupees from the two boxes, 4 silver rings, 2 silver leaflets, 10 silver coins, gold mangalsutra, gold mangtika, gold necklace, gold ring. gold, 35 saris, 15 paint shirts, other stolen items including 2 gold earrings. After stealing, the disbelievers fled to Sevli.

There was a family wedding ceremony on November 20th

Pokharmal’s younger brother’s son will get married on November 20. The property was collected only for wedding preparations. Along with this, ornaments were also made for family members regarding the baby shower ceremony before the home wedding. Pokharmal filed a complaint against unknown thieves at the Khandela Police Station. Asi Hanuman Singh investigates the story.

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