Jessa Seewald rips the handcuffs off her daughter’s hands

Jessa Seewald grabbing her daughter’s handcuffs in a recently uploaded video is all Duggar fans are talking about on multiple platforms right now.

Jessa uploaded a video on YouTube a few days ago involving Fern’s birthday celebration. As those who follow Jessa and Ben know, they have a tradition that involves giving their children several gifts a day for a week. Jessa and Ben believe this allows their children to spread out, enjoy and appreciate the things they get for their birthday.


At the start of the video, Fern’s brothers are playing with a shiny pair of handcuffs while in the new playhouse she got for her birthday. A little later in the video, Fern was playing with what Duggar fans assumed were the same pair of handcuffs. Quickly realizing what Fern was holding in her hands, Jessa Seewald wasted no time in grabbing the handcuffs from her daughter’s hands. However, she did not cut the footage from the video.

Jessa Seewald grabs handcuffs, fans can’t let go

Now there are a few different directions fan chatter is going in regards to Fern playing with a pair of handcuffs. For starters, some fans are horrified that Jessa would let her young daughter play with such an inappropriate toy. Some fans have noted that the toy is also a bit dangerous to play with Fern.

Jessa Seewald - YouTube
Jessa Seewald – YouTube

There were some fans who questioned why there were handcuffs under Jessa and Ben’s roof in the first place. Going in a dark and naughty direction, some fans wondered if those handcuffs actually belonged to Jessa and Ben. Did they use them to have fun in the bedroom? Given that Fern’s brothers were also spotted with the handcuffs quite early in the same video, it’s unlikely that those handcuffs belonged to Jessa and Ben.

Jessa Seewald - YouTube
Jessa Seewald – YouTube

Less critical Duggar fans assume the handcuffs were probably Henry’s or Spurgeon’s. There were also a few fans who noted that the handcuffs may have been a Halloween costume prop.

Check out Jessa Seewald’s video below:

Do you think fans are being a bit dramatic against Jessa Seewald and claiming that handcuffs are an inappropriate toy that Fern shouldn’t be playing with? Or do you think she was in danger playing with that particular toy? Also, what theory do you lean towards as to where handcuffs came from? Let us know in the comments.

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