Jessa Duggar reveals daughters are ‘best friends’

Jessa Duggar says her daughters are “best friends.” Photo credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Jessa Duggar has four little ones, split equally with two boys and two girls.

While Spurgeon is the oldest and leader of the pack, her two youngest appear to be “best friends.”

Ivy Jane was born in May 2019, making her three. Fern was born in July 2021 and just turned one a few months ago.

Even though she’s only in the toddler stage, Jessa assures followers that the two are really close.

This is probably exciting for Jessa, who was incredibly close to her sister, Jinger Duggar, growing up. The sisters were only 13 months apart and did everything together.

Seeing a sisterly bond like this got Jessa “in the feels” as she took a photo and video as Ivy Jane helped Fern get the last bits from her food bag.

Jessa Duggar Says Ivy Jane and Fern Are ‘Best Friends’

On her Instagram page, Jessa Duggar shared a photo of Ivy Jane on her toes trying to help Fern take the last bites of her meal.

Jessa captioned the sweet photo, “Sisterhood. ?? At 1 and 3 years old, they are already best friends! Ivy: “Let me help you take your last bites, Fernie!”

She then shared a video of the two, which was already an even sweeter look at the sisters’ relationship.

Jessa’s caption made it clear that she is sad about how fast time is going as her children continue to grow.

The Counting On star became a mother for the first time on November 5, 2015. It’s been almost seven years since she was given the title of mother, and she seems to be enjoying all the little moments that she knows will soon pass.

Jessa Duggar’s Life After Counting On

It’s been a whole year since Counting On was canceled, but Jessa Duggar and her siblings still have huge fans and followers.

She and husband Ben Seewald welcomed their fourth child just after the show was officially canceled. Her entire adult life was captured on film, from her courtship to the birth of her children, except for Fern.

Jessa shared updates from her life on her YouTube channel, including the birth story of Fern, the first child born in hospital after three home births. The couple also revealed that they suffered a miscarriage between Ivy Jane and Fern, which may have resulted in Fern giving birth in the hospital instead of at home.

Things seem to be going well for Jessa Duggar and she continues to share updates from her life on social media.

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