I’ve worked on cruise ships for over 7 years. Here are the 8 biggest mistakes first-time passengers make.

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Cruises are full of activities and people.Steve Mason / Getty Images

  • I have been working on cruises for seven years and have noticed that my share of new travelers make mistakes.

  • Try not to pack your bags and don’t worry about getting on board instead of checking your bags.

  • Book your excursions well in advance to save time and make sure you get the trips you want.

Cruises now have so many guests and activities that many decisions and planning can get lost in translation, especially when sailing for the first time,

And after working on cruise ships for over seven years, I’ve seen the most common mistakes in creating new passengers.

Overload for your vacation

It’s easy to pack more than you need.reala / shutterstock

Most people pack for cruises, but cabins are often small and have very limited storage space.

Instead of packing your entire wardrobe in your luggage, visit the ship’s website and plan what you need.

You’ll be much happier when you have everything you need, plus space to spread out in your cabin.

skip online check-in

Make sure you check in online before your vacation, as this will usually allow you to complete a virtual rally tutorial (a security requirement of most cruise lines) and choose your boarding time.

I have found that early boarding times are better, allowing you to skip the lines and have more fun on your cruise.

Fly to the port city on the same day as your cruise

Even if you think you have enough time to get from the airport to the ship, daytime flights are very risky.

Flights can be canceled or delayed, so it’s best to fly. Choose a hotel with a port shuttle to make the day or night before and your ship connection seamless.

Go straight to the buffet on the first day

The buffet is usually very busy on the first day.Solaris / Shutterstock

As most passengers board, they often go straight to the buffet. For this reason, it may be the most popular place.

to explore lesser-known food options around the ship, such as coffee, and save the buffet for later.

bring your luggage on board

When you arrive on the ship, the porters will immediately offer to take your bags to your room for later.

Many travelers choose to keep their bags on them, but many people don’t know their cabin won’t be ready for hours, so they drag their bags around a crowded ship.

So go to the checkout for all your stuff – it’s free and reliable.

Customer service queue on boarding day

This is probably the biggest waste of time, especially since there are usually alternatives available.

Passengers queue for a variety of reasons, from shows to restaurant reservations. But there are several kiosks around the ship for each different area.

Normally the only thing you have to wait in line is to open your payment account on board, which you can do before your cruise to save time.

forget to book a tour

Kayaking is a popular excursion.Erica De Pascal

Many travelers don’t plan their shore excursions at first, but this can cause problems.

Not only will you spend valuable time booking trips, but you will also find that many of the trips you wanted were sold out.

leave without a plan

The day of disembarkation (the last day of the cruise) can be a headache, especially after a break. So make sure you’re ready.

Know what time you are disembarking, if you are checking in your bags and when you should arrive at the airport for your flight.

Coordinating all of this ahead of time will save you a lot of energy and long-term worries.

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