“It’s already dead. Let’s eat dirt, dog”

last wednesday city ​​of Ilora (Granada) fired Juan. There were gypsies, pies… and nothing happened”, the mayor of the city specifies. Antonio Jose Salazar, in conversation with the SPANIARDS. However, tensions continue to rise. And it does so largely encouraged by the aggressor’s family. “It is now true that there will be war and more deaths than there have been. Justice has been served by us Montechinos. This is nothing to what will be now,” Yadira, her cousin, wrote on Instagram.

But this is not the only unacceptable message from Yadira. “What you are doing is useless – in relation to the attack on some homes by the people -. Don Juanillo is already dead. To eat dirt, dog”, the same cousin wrote on Facebook. “We will do violence to what you have done to our houses. Let’s pay with trifles. Thank you so much for all your… I got to lay flowers on your grave singing let’s go to war,” he added in Instagram.

However, this is the last symptom as far as the tension was mounting since last Monday in Ilora (Granada). That day, Juan made the unintended mistake of being in the wrong place at the worst possible time. He was enjoying the festivities in his town with his girlfriend and friends. But on the way home when I was five minutes from walking in the door walking down the street Diego of Siloama group of youths were discovered who beat him up, resulting in Juan’s tragic death.

Yadira's messages.

There are two hypotheses about his death. The first that the 19-year-old fell to the ground after the attack and He died after hitting the curb. The second, this It was the result of a beating in which several people intervened. Only the autopsy will be able to shed light on the assumptions that are being made about what happened that night. What seems clear is that they went for another person and that they found Juan and that, according to witnesses who were present on Diego de Siloe Street, the attackers left him on the ground and shouted: “We don’t care if he dies or not.”

Attack on houses

Juan’s death led to a demonstration that ended with several hundred people storming the six houses of the aggressors’ families shouting “murderers”, causing damage to both homes and vehicles. However, when they arrived, there was no one there. The main suspect had escaped… and so had his relatives.

Neighbors enter the house of the alleged killers

Although the escape of the aggressor lasted only 24 hours, the time for which he appeared on Command of the Civil Guard to admit that he is the culprit. There he was brought to justice and the judge sent him to a temporary jail, reported and without bail. “It happened by accident. If he was a murderer, I would have shot him or stabbed him. But if he falls, he is not a murderer, he did not want to kill anyone. I was present when it happened,” admitted Pedro Jimenez, brother of the aggressor.


But even after the mass funeral, the confrontation between the city and the gypsy families living in it did not stop. So much that Spanish Gypsy Society and two federations of Roma women’s associations have filed complaints for an alleged violation of rights against the local mayor Antonio Salazar (PSOE). They imply that their statements are hate speech.

Pedro Jimenez, brother of the aggressor, arrested for Juan's death.

Pedro Jimenez, brother of the aggressor, arrested for Juan’s death.

Therefore, the mayor had to come forward to protect the people and play down what happened. “I am conducting negotiations with Roma associations and We understand that this is a one-time event. I think you need to give everything a little time so that the waters return to their course. In Ilora we are not racist or anything like that. Another thing is the people who are convicted, they will get our rejection,” he admitted in a conversation with EL ESPAÑOL.

protest this saturday

The platform created last Thursday “Civil Union of Ilora” He called a demonstration this Saturday at 8pm, asking those in attendance to carry candles in memory of the 19-year-old, who died last Monday.

The platform already has 700 members with the aim of “protecting” the city from its residents and from events like what happened last Thursday. His goal? “Report” this type of aggression and help those who may be suffering from it.

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