It becomes easier to record videos from WhatsApp app

WhatsApp could make it easier to capture a video from the app without always having to hold down the shutter button.

At the moment it is a feature under development, but it already shows us what is the new dynamic that WhatsApp offers.

Here is how you can record videos from the WhatsApp app

The WhatsApp team is preparing a new dynamic that should make it easier for users to record videos from the app.

If we want to make a recording from the WhatsApp app, we have to click on the camera icon. There we will find the options “Press for video” or “Tap for photo”. So WhatsApp forces you to always keep your finger on the shutter button until the end of the recording.

As mentioned in WABetaInfo, this dynamic could change shortly, as WhatsApp is preparing a new option to record a video. As can be seen in the screenshots shared by this medium, WhatsApp adds two independent buttons: one to take a photo and the other to record a video.

You no longer need to keep your finger on the shutter button while recording, as a click on the “Record” option is all it takes to start the video. The rest of the options in this section of WhatsApp remain the same, so you won’t find changes if you want to send them to your contact or go through the editor first.

Remember that WhatsApp allows you to crop the video, add stickers and emojis, write text, draw on the video, remove the sound or turn it into a GIF. All these options remain as only the video recording type changes.

One detail to note is that this new dynamic is still under development, so we still don’t know when it will be implemented in the stable version of WhatsApp. If the feature is successful, it must first go through its testing phases before it is officially rolled out for all users.

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