Is there a new final week tonight with John Oliver airing this week?

Season 9 is going pretty well for “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” which earned the night host another Emmy earlier this year.

Of course, the name Emmy isn’t new to Oliver and his team. This year’s win marks the show’s 22nd nomination. And that’s probably why we have to wait several seasons to come. In September 2021, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” underwent a 3-season renewal, moving the show to late night in 2023.

That said, like everyone else, late night hosts go on vacation. And if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if John Oliver has a new episode this week, considering Oliver IS Surprise days are a habit.

Well, that’s a good choice, but the good news is Yes, there is a new episode of “Last Week Tonight” this Sunday, October 9th.

Last week Oliver opted for a longer than usual exhibition, so he had plenty of time to tackle his main theme: museums. In particular, the late night host explained how some antiquities are illegally entering museums.

To close the section, Oliver specifically called the British Museum, bringing the sculptures found in the Acropolis Museum in Greece. He has noticed that in some sculptures his fragments are much whiter than others, because the missing pieces have been filled with plaster. These missing pieces are kept in the British Museum.

“Yes, we get it! Honestly, if you’re looking for a missing artifact, nine times out of 10 it’s in the British Museum, “said Oliver. World, with ‘lost’ and ‘found’ in as thick quotation marks as possible.

Throughout the segment, Oliver continually delves into his home country, denouncing Britain’s defense of keeping the artifacts, including reasons Britain can take better care of them than in their home country.

The late night host defended “it was a different time – everyone was flying and it was fine” – especially the footage of British Prime Minister William Gladstone’s reaction to the British Army stealing Ethiopian treasures to call In it, Gladstone said of “cry deeply” that the artifacts were “deemed fit for removal by the British Army”.

John Oliver denounces Alabama governor's anti-trans law:

“We didn’t even know how to cure a urinary tract infection without a leech,” Oliver joked. “But we knew it was ‘deeply sad’ for them to plunder other countries, which in Britain means ‘super fucked up’.”

You can relive the entire segment here.

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