Is technology killing personalized healthcare?

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Living in a high-tech world means that the healthcare sector has to keep up, and so do consumers. Think about it: where would you be without your smartphone?

The trend towards telemedicine, the use of videos for health consultations for diagnosis and treatment, is a main component of the surge in the digital health market (26% growth per year expected through 2024).

These days, when you need care, you need it right now. There is no time to make an appointment, play phone tag with a doctor, or wait for hours in the emergency room.

The technology now allows doctors and patients to connect quickly and securely using secure channels such as apps and patient portals, so diagnoses can be made quickly while also being added directly to electronic health records (EMRs).

The pros and cons of high-tech healthcare
There are many important benefits in the new era of medical services. Faster access to support from anywhere, collaboration between suppliers for comprehensive support management, and secure fiber-optic data transmission for protection from cybercriminals, just to name a few.

But the question often arises: is the human element of caring for people in the background or is it being pushed out all together?

It might be for some, but when healthcare organizations use technology strategically, it can strengthen the connection between doctor and patient. Especially when combined with in-person assistance.

This is what is happening at Sanitas Medical Centers. Headquartered in Miami, Sanitas currently operates 38 medical centers in South and Central Florida serving over 200,000 patients. Their state-of-the-art mobile app, mySanitas Florida, offers healthcare that comes full circle.

Using the mySanitas app, Sanitas patients can instantly connect 24/7 to different members of the Sanitas healthcare team. No appointment needed and no insurance coverage required.

The app provides Sanitas patients with the care they need when they need it. But what really sets the mySanitas app apart from other telemedicine solutions is its connection to Sanitas Physical Practice. And the medical records are all in one place, accessible to both members of the telemedicine team in person.

“At Sanitas, we believe it is also important to provide free services to support the self-care of our patients, so that they have the power to improve their health and live a happy and fulfilled life,” says Dr. Juan Estrada, CEO of Sanitas Medical Center. “These services include 24/7 digital and telemedicine support from our doctors, nurses, health instructors, health coordinators and mental health professionals through our app. We also provide assistance at home when our patients cannot come to us ”.

Comfort makes the difference

If a person needs urgent care, they may not have medical access to the documents to carry with them. Your medical history can help you avoid misdiagnosis.

With an app like mySanitas, there’s the convenience of instantly accessing these details directly from a mobile device. Both the patient and the Sanitas doctor can see the details of the previous visit, medications, labs, tests, imaging, injections and more. And the patient can manage and book appointments in person or on television.

Is your doctor logged in?
As healthcare becomes increasingly digital, connectivity becomes more and more important.

Healthcare organizations need to partner with technology providers to offer high-tech solutions such as the mySanitas app, which combines the human aspect but is backed by a fast and secure network. As technology begins to take the place of face-to-face interaction and personalized healthcare, it may be time to find a new doctor.

To learn more about the mySanitas Florida app or to become a Sanitas Medical Center patient, visit

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