Is Putin dead? His car was ‘attacked in an attempted murder’

According to a story in Euro Weekly News, the assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin was unsuccessful. Putin was the target of the conspiracy. On Wednesday, the material was reportedly available on the General GVR Telegram channel.

The news site claims that the time of the assassination attempt is unknown. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February this year, there have been constant rumors about Mr Putin’s health and the possibility of a threat to his life.

As for the Russian president, he revealed to the public in 2017 that he had been the target of at least five different assassination attempts. Euro Weekly said an account on the Telegram channel said the left front wheel of Mr Putin’s limousine had been hit by a loud noise.

Is Putin dead?
Is Putin dead?

The publication also stated that the vehicle was immediately towed to safety, although smoke was billowing from it. The Russian president was not injured in the incident, but the news site reported that a number of arrests had been made in connection with the incident.

Other news agencies such as also reported the incident. According to these other news outlets, Mr. Putin was returning to his official residence in a motorcade, which was a ruse for security reasons.

According to an update posted on the channel and reported by the outlet, “On the way to the residence, a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance” and “the second escort car is driving around without stopping (due to) a sudden obstacle ”, while going around the obstacle.

This information is collected from an update posted on the channel. It comes a week after a group of St Petersburg politicians called on the State Duma to bring treason charges against Mr Putin and remove him from power.

They cited a number of reasons, including Russia’s military losses in Ukraine and the damage to the Russian economy from Western sanctions. This latest development comes as a result of the State Duma’s refusal to raise these charges.

Is Putin dead?
Is Putin dead?

Another local lawmaker said a petition calling for Putin’s resignation, which she launched on Monday, had received 65 signatures from municipal delegates from St. Petersburg, Moscow and many other areas.

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