Is Ole Henrik Golf a Real Person? Where is He Now?

Lorenskog disappears from Netflix following the investigation into the kidnapping of Anne-Elizabeth Hagen, wife of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen. The case had been difficult for the police from the start, partly due to pressure to keep it secret during the first few weeks. As important details of the case began to emerge, the police realized that the kidnapping had been very well planned. The kidnappers also thought about receiving the ransom via untraceable cryptocurrencies. The involvement of technology in the money transfer allowed the police to follow this lead, which led to the obtaining of a passport under the name of Ole Henrik Golf. Who is this person and where is he now? Let’s find out.

Is Ole Henrik Golf a real person?

Yes, Ole Heinrich Golf is a real person involved in Anne-Elizabeth’s disappearance due to her passport. After tracing the cryptographic accounts of the kidnappers, the police discovered that the passport of a certain Ole Henrik Golf had been used to create the account. After searching the golf course and keeping an eye on it for a while, the police called him and questioned him about a story he knew nothing about.

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It has been speculated that a copy of his passport was stolen between 2013 and 2016 and sold through the darknet. It is unclear how many times he traded hands, but he fell into the hands of kidnappers, who used him to get money to open an account. tom hagen, Once done, the passport was sold again. In 2016, a copy of the passport was bought in Oslo by an unidentified man who was allegedly convicted of minor drug offenses and theft of wands. The police track him down, but finding out who he bought it from and returning the chain to the kidnappers is another task in itself.

The police are looking for information on anyone who can help identify former passport takers and track everything from email accounts to bitcoin addresses. “The work is difficult, long and time-consuming, also because this type of (online) conversation is often carried out with high operational security, even on anonymous networks, using anonymity services, where payments are often made with cryptocurrency. . done together. Prosecutor Gajermund Hansen says so. While Golf himself has been cleared of the investigation, police are actively pursuing this crypto trail, hoping it may be the key to finding out who kidnapped and accompanied Anne-Elizabeth Hagen. What happened.

Where is Ole Heinrich Golf now?

Ole Henrik Golf lives in Mandal, Norway, with his wife and son, and has undertaken a number of initiatives, with the aim of “moving the Norwegian ecosystem away through remote working” and “getting people where they want”. . freedom to live and work there. He is the owner and CEO of Remote Norge, which aims to “make it easier for large companies to offer flexibility to their employees.” office community. Golf is also the owner and developer of the concept for Norway’s southernmost music festival, Sidli AS.

He moved to Oslo after finishing golf in high school, before settling into the circle and pursuing all his adventures. He has traveled the world, visiting places from Bucharest to Beijing. His experience of him informed his professional goals of him and since his return to the country, he has been involved in various projects of him. Besides that, he also designed his house. In his spare time he loves climbing and spending time with his family.

As for his involvement in the Hagen case, Golf is relieved that the matter is resolved. as his passport would get him into such trouble, he said: “Maybe I’ve been around Europe with Interrail, I’ve also been to Asia and traveled. In youth hostels you are often asked if you want to copy your passport. If there is something I know that is easy to hack, then it is the copier. Linking his passport to the hijackers’ crypto account has caused him some inconvenience, but he hopes it can lead to something significant to the case and clear up the mystery of Anne-Elizabeth’s disappearance.

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