Is Jenny Mars Pregnant? Is her friend Luke’s son adopted?

Jenny Mars is dedicated to the causes of family preservation and orphan care around the world and works as a designer, writer and advocate for community transformation. Jenny is known for appearing on HGTV’s hit home improvement show Fixer to Fabulous.

The show is co-hosted by her and her husband, Dave Mars. The episode focuses on restoring homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. The two also set up Berry Farm to teach orphaned children in Zimbabwe about farming and give them access to healthy food.

Is Jenny Mars expecting a baby?

At the moment, Jenny Mars is not planning to start a family. However, in 2019, she was expecting her youngest son, Luke. Rumors have been circulating lately that she is expecting. Since she hasn’t addressed the rumors on any of her social media accounts, it looks like they’re all false.

Jenny Mars is pregnant
Jenny Mars is pregnant

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We have no way of knowing what to think of our recent pregnancy because she comes from a loving family with five beautiful children.

Is Jenny’s Boyfriend Adopted Dave Mars’ Son Luke?

Jenny and Dave Mars were married in Howie in the Hills, Florida at the Mansion Inn on April 2, 2005. Charlotte joined their family in 2013. However, Luke was born in 2019, ruling out adoption as a possible explanation for his origin.

They also had twins named Nathan and Ben. They took Sylvie in July 2014 after adopting her in August 2013. They worked together at the same company after they both graduated from college. After dating for a year, they got engaged in the City of Love. She, her husband and their five children live in a restored farmhouse they saved.

Jenny Mars can be found on Instagram

Jenny Mars’ Instagram name is @jennymarrs. She also has over 192K verified followers on Instagram. To date, she has written 3,954 posts; most of them are about her time with loved ones. On the other hand, she is very social media savvy and often shares updates about her work on Facebook.

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