Is Frank Fritz’s American Pickers Store Closing After Stroke?

Frank Fritz unfortunately recently suffered a stroke. While he was in critical condition, Mn American pickers fans wondered what would happen to his store. It’s been his main source of income since his reality TV show fired him.

Here’s what you need to know Frank Fritz finds.

Is Frank Fritz’s shop closing after his stroke?

Frank Fritz no longer works for the reality TV show American pickers. Yet he still owned his own antiques and collectibles store called Frank Fritz finds. The store is located in Savannah, Illinois, and we have great news.

While Frank is still hospitalized and recovering from his stroke, his store is still open and will remain open. “Frank Fritz’s findings will remain open. It’s at Hawg Dog Bar and Grill,” a source said The sun. “As long as the restaurant is open, fans will be able to visit the antique store.” Although it was never mentioned who ran the store, it is assumed that Frank had employees working for him. Also, a manager who probably handles things while he’s in the hospital.

How is Frank Fritz doing after his stroke?

There is more good news for American pickers fans cheering for the recovery of Frank Fritz. Although things looked bad after his stroke, when a friend found him on the floor unable to move or communicate, he is improving as his father shared good news about his condition. Frank’s father Bill Fritz said Frank is now in “stable” condition.

Will Frank return to American Pickers?

While Frank is on the mend and fans are praying for his recovery, he is unlikely to return American pickers. That’s because Mike Wolfe is already working on filming the next season of the show. This will likely make fans angry about Frank’s termination even angrier, knowing that the show is not only going on without him, but it’s almost dismissive of the fact that Frank almost died.

Frank left American pickers in 2020 when he took time off to recover from back surgery. However, with rumors of an alcohol addiction plaguing him, Mike pulled the trigger and his childhood friend was fired from the show. Frank said he called the producers but never got a straight answer.

Before his hit, Frank said he was in talks with a Las Vegas-based producer about a spinoff show that would star him. With the way the fans have been talking since Frank left American pickers, it would be interesting to see how the two shows compare and possibly see which show has the highest ratings. That is unlikely to happen now, as Frank’s number one concern should be recovery and healing.

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