Is Elon Musk planning to buy “Fortnite”? What does the rumor mean?

Some Elon Musk (and Fortnite) jokes never go away, some stick around too long, and some are just idle chatter. If you don’t know, Bloomberg estimates that Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. He has invested in Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and the Boring Company, among other companies.

Musk’s vehicle company may draw comparisons to Nikola Tesla, but given Musk’s pattern of buying smaller startups like Tesla and then naming himself as CEO, Thomas Edison would be a more apt analogy for Musk as a businessman and venture capital investor.

It’s also important to note that the business ethics of two of Musk’s companies, Tesla and Neuralink, have come under scrutiny. According to PBS, California regulators allege Tesla treated its black employees unfairly.

Is Elon Musk buying Fortnite
Is Elon Musk buying Fortnite

In addition, according to the Guardian, Musk’s business Neuralink, which develops artificial intelligence, has been accused of abusing test monkeys by subjecting them to painful operations.

Musk is perhaps better known for his social media antics, such as his recent failed attempt to buy twitter and baseless memes claiming he’s buying Fortnite to take it down and spare “these children of perpetual virginity,” as claimed in a false headline posted by Musk on r/funny and tweeted in 2018.

Is Elon Musk buying and shutting down Fortnite?

He’s not at all. Given that Musk just tweeted false story and statement four years ago, the majority would have thought that immediately. To make this clear and save the kids, Musk hasn’t made any hint that he’s buying Epic Games or Fortnite, in case anyone missed the memo.

For those unfamiliar, Fortnite is an online Battle Royale-style shooter where players build and shoot their way to the finish line. The first version of Fortnite in 2017 was met with rapid popularity among various gamers due to the use of licensed characters, special occasions and an overall focused gameplay cycle.

However, Fortnite has also occupied that peculiar position where it is both one of the most played games online today and also universally despised for its free-to-play approach, marketing, and repackaging of beloved media figures.

Additionally, others argue that it is harmful simply because it appeals to a younger, apparently less fervent audience. The Elon-Musk-bought Fortnite meme has been going on for four years as a result of the range of fair criticism of the general toxicity of minor gamers to Fortnite. You are already aware.

How did the rumor start anyway?

We have to go back a few years to determine where the latest rumors first surfaced. The game was from Season 1 Chapter 2. The black hole swallowed the entire game, making it empty.

The only thing that could be found on the game’s social media accounts was an image of a black hole. Around this time, several jokes and memes began to circulate online. Eventually word got around that Elon Musk plans to buy game and remove it permanently.

Despite the increase in pranks, everyone was affected by this particular rumor and there was quite an uproar in the neighborhood. However, as soon as Epic released the next chapter after the hiatus, things started to change.

Someone has just started to undermine the previous argument, which has reignited the flames. Again relevant, the specific topic, gamers immediately began to believe the rumor. But since the rumors are not true, there is no need to worry.

The power of rumors to instantly mobilize an entire community is astonishing. Loopers are warned not to believe anything about the game unless Epic Games makes an official announcement.

Closing words

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire who is known worldwide for his innovations. The inventor has done well in almost every field in which he has worked. So when the rumors started to get louder, people in the community started to worry more.

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