Is Derek Jeter Married? Who made a huge baseball mistake?

Derek Jeter might be the only name that comes to mind when Yankees fans consider the best players to ever wear the pinstripes. The shortstop, who first joined the club in 1994 and retired nearly two decades later, left an indelible mark on the franchise. Five World Series titles and a retired jersey number are testament to his outstanding career.

Tonight at 10:00 PM ET, ESPN will air the first episode of its new docuseries The Captain, which will focus on Derek and his legendary status in the sports world. His wife, Hannah Davis, is perhaps the subject of discussion in the seven-part series. After meeting in 2012 through mutual acquaintances in New York, he had her support during the second half of his career.

Derek had recently broken up with Minka Kelly, who plays Kelly Taylor on Friday Night Lights. Turns out Hannah wasn’t completely familiar with the name Derek. In a 2017 post, she said, “I believed he was a pitcher,” on Derek’s blog The Players’ Tribune. “It might sound funny, but I had no idea he played shortstop.

Is Derek Jeter Married?
Is Derek Jeter Married?

What all the New Yorkers reading this are thinking is “Oh come on” and I can just imagine it. I doubt they believe me. I doubt it will convince you to believe me. I know it seems crazy, but it’s the truth.” Here’s what Hannah went on to say: “The fact that I had just met the most beautiful boy and wanted to get to know him on my terms was all the information I needed.

Ignore the Google results. It was the perfect moment that brought us together. For me, the most important factor in a healthy relationship is sharing the same stage of life. And I knew from the beginning that my life paths and Derek’s were going to cross at the right time.

Hannah impressed Derek even though she knew nothing about baseball. When the MLB star referred to the Sports Illustrated model as his “fiancée” in a blog post, speculation grew that the two were engaged. Us Weekly reports that on the couple’s first anniversary, October 25, 2015, Derek proposed in a knee-jerk ceremony.

Soon after, on November 4, he wrote a blog post confirming the news and introducing the couple’s pet dog, Kane. “I had no idea what was in store for me as a new dog owner,” Derek wrote. “My fiancée gave it to me for Christmas last year because she grew up with mastiffs. Never had a pet in my life.” Derek and Hannah were walking down the aisle just before.

On July 9, 2016, less than a year after they started dating, the couple tied the knot in a small, private ceremony. They tied the knot in front of 100 guests in St. Helena, California. On August 17, 2017, Derek and Hannah welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Bella Rain. Big occasions also have a fun way of making you look forward, she wrote during her announcement.

“Derek and I are excited for the future now that I’m expecting our first child.” On January 31, 2019, they welcomed their second daughter into the world, a daughter they named Story Grey. After Derek and Hannah welcomed River Rose into the world on December 2, 2021, their family was complete.

Is Derek Jeter Married?
Is Derek Jeter Married?

Although the couple’s schedules have been packed for the past five years, they remain committed to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. But that doesn’t mean Derek doesn’t recognize and appreciate the effort his wife makes to keep the fires burning when he’s away.

During his September 2021 induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, he made sure to mention his special someone. “You thought you were getting married on your way to retirement, but you were wrong, Hannah. Not at all, “His words. “After a short break, I was ready to get back to work. I realize it wasn’t what you expected, but after five years together anything is possible.

Of course you’ll say, “Working with me takes the strongest person you know,” and I expect you’d be right. You are a wonderful person, a wonderful wife and an even more wonderful mother.” Derek later explained, “My happiness is unmatched. I want to emphasize once again how happy I am that our paths crossed at this time. Having you in my life makes everything worth it.”

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