Iranian ‘zombie Angelina Jolie’ reveals her true face after being released from prison for blasphemy

After being released from prison, an Iranian lady who became famous on Instagram by posting eerie photos that resembled Hollywood actress Angelia Jolie has revealed her true identity. Sahar Tabar was detained in October 2019 and given 10 years in prison after being accused of “corruption” and “blasphemy”.

However, she was released after 14 months following widespread protests across the nation sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini last month. It was popularly believed that Ms. Tabar had cosmetic surgery, which would explain why she resembled the frightening Angelina Jolie.

The 21-year-old finally revealed her true identity to the cameras this week after being released according to a report in the Independent. On social networks, many people started campaigns demanding her release. Masih Alinejad, an activist, is one of them. During her time in prison, Ms Alinejad tweeted: “Sahar Tabar is only 19 years old.

Iranian zombie Angelina Jolie bares her face after blasphemy
Iranian zombie Angelina Jolie bares her face after blasphemy

She was arrested for her prank. Every day she cries for the release of her helpless daughter. We need Angelina Jolie to speak up in this situation. Ms Tabar claims she has had lip fillers, liposuction and a nose job since she was released from prison, but insists the infamous photos are the result of Photoshop manipulation and make-up.

She was dubbed the “zombie Angelina Jolie” online as a result of her grisly photos. According to, she claims the computer effects she used to create the photo are what you saw on Instagram. Ms Tabar, whose real name is Fateme Hishvand, claims that she has always sought fame and that the ghoulish makeover was her choice to attract attention from around the world.

The woman added that there was an easier way online. It was much easier than becoming an actor, she added, according to the source. Ms Tabar also apologized and said the photos were taken as a “joke”. “My mom tried to get me to stop, but I didn’t pay attention.”

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