Indian Navy commanders meet amid global developments

New Delhi: The second edition of the 2022 Naval Commanders’ Conference is scheduled for October 31 to November 3 in New Delhi, the Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday.

The conference serves as a forum for naval commanders to discuss important maritime issues at the military and strategic levels through an institutional forum.

Due to the rapid and dynamic development of security imperatives in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and other parts of the world, the conference has its own importance and relevance.

While several issues are under discussion, the Navy Chief of Staff, along with other naval commanders, will review the major operations, materials, logistics, human resource development, training and administration undertaken by the Indian Navy in recent months and beyond. consider-discuss future plans for significant activities and initiatives, ”said the Ministry of Defense.

The conference will also focus on the dynamics of the geostrategic situation in the region and the readiness of the Navy to address it.

The Indian Navy has seen a significant increase in its operational functions over the years in line with India’s growing maritime interests.

During the conference, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will address and interact with Navy commanders on national security issues.

Chiefs of Defense and Chiefs of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force will also interact with naval commanders to address the convergence of the common operational environment across three services and ways to enhance the synergy of the three services and between the nation and the India national preparation to protect its interests.

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