in the event of a power outage, the entire network is affected, not just Linky owners

It is rumored on social networks that Linky meter owners may face power outages or power limitations this winter due to excessive electricity consumption. The reality is much more nuanced.

The government is preparing minds for a difficult energy winter. Much of the French nuclear fleet is undergoing maintenance, which mechanically reduces the amount of electricity available. If you add to this the consequences of the war in Ukraine, which affects the entire energy sector in Europe, prevention is really better than cure.

The rumor is spreading

But claiming, as several internet users who are fans of conspiracy theories claim, that Linky meter owners will face power outages, even power outages this winter, is going too fast. Asked by CheckNewsexplains the French electricity grid operator Enedis that if it has the means to reduce the power to a subscriber, it is ” only at the request of the electricity supplier, in particular in the event of default “.

Enedis alone cannot control the meters remotely. Furthermore, even the company cannot implement targeted restrictions, and this ” regardless of the nature of the meter However, Enedis acknowledges that there is a mechanism for a severe shortage. This device from exceptional, preventive, localized and variable failuress “can always be activated” at risk for the balance of the electricity system in France “.

This load elimination principle is enshrined in the Energy Code, which provides for an average duration of less than two hours. The decision to carry out this load elimination rests with the Electricity Transmission Network (TEN), which will therefore affect the entire electricity network, not just the families equipped with Linky.

Elisabeth Borne did not hide the fact that in case of supply problems, restrictions could be applied this winter: there will be no gas interruptions for families, but the supply of electricity risks becoming more difficult. In this case, a reduction of the rotary load would be implemented: we cut in a short time, less than two hours, quarterly explained the prime minister.

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