In search and capture of the “super” thieves in Valencia who almost ran over their manager

Lobster and bottle of wine theft almost over in a supermarket tragedy on Roig de Corella street in Valencia. In fact, the two thieves a man and a woman, are wanted and captured by the Security Forces because they almost ran over the manager of the restaurant during their flight at the wheel of the Hyundai Atos.

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Almost if they bring the manager forward“, as confirmed by the staff of the aforementioned establishment to EL ESPAÑOL. “We have many customers and the thieves took advantage of this to break in to steal.” This supermarket is close to the metro, which is very popular with tourists in Valencia, and this Sunday afternoon a man and a woman between the ages of 40 and 50 entered the premises to steal products.

“They looked bad,” says the staff. The super manager kept his eyes on them through the security cameras. “It appears that the man at least took a lobster and a bottle of wine and then put a shirt over them to cover them up.” When the suspicious couple arrived at the box, there was a confrontation with the restaurant manager.

“My boss told the guy to take off everything under his shirt, but the customer said he didn’t know what he was talking about.” So the tone of the conversation heated up until it came to a scuffle between the supermarket boss and the alleged thief. “He was a big man and managed to fight back“.

The officer in charge of the “super” went after the pair of suspects and the chase almost ended miserably. “They fled in a car and almost overtook him“This Monday, security forces went to the premises to review the cameras and thereby gather more information on the suspects with the aim of tracing them.

As of now, officials say it is a man and a woman, Spanish citizens, aged between 40 and 50. The agents were also interested in the economic scope of everything stolen at the central facility in the Turia capital.

civil cooperation

Among some WhatsApp groups of National Police and Local Police agents, an image of both, captured by the supermarket’s security cameras, as well as the registration number of hyundai atos, silver colorin which they fled after the robbery.

We don’t know if they go from neighborhood to neighborhood doing the same thing because they looked really badAny lead from the residents of the area could lead to the arrest of the pair of thieves.

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