In a first, MBBS course will be taught in Hindi in medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh

Initially, the MBBS course will be taught in Hindi at medical schools in Madhya Pradesh

Although the Hindi manuals are available in English, the technical terms will remain in English.


Three MBBS subjects – Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry – will be taught in Hindi to first year students in all 13 Madhya Pradesh government medical schools. On October 16, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah will launch Hindi medical education in the state by publishing translated books for MBBS freshmen in Bhopal on October 16.

Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said it will change the perception that medicine and engineering courses cannot be taught and taught in Hindi.

He said: “This is a step towards realizing the idea that through education in Hindi one can also progress in life. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolution that the teaching language is in the mother tongue. “

For the translation of books into Hindi, a systematic course was prepared in February of this year by the duly constituted Hindi “Mandar” cell of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. The working group includes medical experts. Teachers and experts from 97 medical schools brainstormed for over 5,568 hours.

Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said the Hindi books will be available alongside English, but the technical words will remain in English.

“Madhya Pradesh will be the first state in the country to introduce medical education in Hindi. The pilot project of MBBS courses in Hindi will start at Gandhi Medical College. Anatomy, physiology and biochemistry will be taught by the current session. All Madhya Pradesh In Hindi in year 1 of MBBS in 13 government medical colleges, it will also be implemented in year 2 of MBBS in the next session.

Mr. Sarang also stated that there would be no classes or special classes for students studying in Hindi language.

“The classroom, the student and the teacher will remain the same, and only students who have difficulty understanding the lessons and books in English will have the opportunity to understand the topic in their own language. Three books of core topics in MBBS First, stated that the year was transliterated using the same terminology used in the English language.

Budhram Meena, Sahiba Khatoon and Rachna Yadav are in first grade MBBS. Speaking with NDTV, everyone said that Hindi textbooks will definitely help students learn and explain the answers.

Antara Lahiri, a senior student, said: “It’s a good initiative. It is a difficult process, but it will definitely help the students. However, you need to see how they translate books written by foreign authors. All in all a good idea. We have seen many of our group mates fighting for English.

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