I’m a cleaning fanatic and my hack made my sister’s dirty sink shine

IF you struggle to remove dirt and grease from your sink, a cleaning professional has a solution to help.

The expert, who goes by @fairy.kleans on TikTok, shared that her sister bought the house, but that the sink was heavily stained.

The cleaning professional shared products she uses to clean the sinkCredit: TikTok
They managed to clean the sink


They managed to clean the sinkCredit: TikTok

The TikToker says that the sister bought the house at a good price and everything else is clean – except for the sink.

Using a few simple steps, the cleaning professional was able to restore the sink to a much cleaner state.

The cleaning professional wore rubber gloves during the process to protect themselves from the harsh products that had to be used on the dirt.

First, the cleaning professional wets the sink, covering all sides with water.

The pro then applied Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleaner followed by Bar Keepers Friend Mild Cleaner to the entire sink.

The TikToker then took a towel and scrubbed the sink from top to bottom, paying special attention to heavily soiled areas.

The cleaning professional continued scrubbing the sink, repeating some particularly dirty spots and scrubbing with applied pressure.

The video has been viewed more than 34.6 million times.

“Good job! I’m finding it hard for people to go it alone because they just don’t know what products and processes work best,” commented one person.

“I have a sink that is made like this (the white stuff?) and it stains very easily. Gonna have to try the bar keepers mate!!” commented someone else.

“some things can be cleaned up. not worth turning down a house!” wrote another.

Others recommend additional cleaning products that can help, including toilet cleaner and magic erasers.

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