If I become US President in 2024, I will take US-India relations to the next level again: Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has vowed that he will take US relations with India to the next level again if he wins the presidential election in 2024. In a Diwali speech hosted by the Hindu Republican Coalition (RHC) at his resort of Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump told a gathering of about 200 American Indians that he had shared great relationships with Hindus, India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said he would appoint RHC founder Shalabh Kumar as ambassador to India if he were elected President of the United States in 2024. A video of Trump’s speech at the Diwali reception last Friday was released Tuesday by the RHC, in which the former president claims he has it has not yet been announced whether he will race, but if he will, and will win in 2024. If you go, they have certain commitments with the Native American community.

We have received a lot of support from Hindus, great Hindus both times (2016 and 2020) and from India, Indians. I fully supported the idea of ​​building a Hindu Holocaust memorial in (Washington) DC. I think it’s time to do it, Trump said. Trump said he may not have won in 2016, but because of the support of the Hindu community on the battlefield.

He promised he would take America’s relations with India to the next level again if he won the presidential election in 2024. Kumar, in his remarks, said that Trump was a staunch friend of the Hindu community and that RHC is proud of its results. . Created over the years to empower and encourage the diaspora in America.

He said Diwali is a time for all of us to reflect on the victory of light over darkness and look forward to a new year of prosperity and peace. Under Trump, US-India relations have never been stronger as both sides faced common threats from Pakistan and China and enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect and admiration. he told the RHC in a statement. . Relations between India and the United States took great strides in 2017, with President Trump keeping his campaign promise to be India’s best friend in the White House.

India was the only country for which the Trump administration offered a centennial plan; An honor that is not granted even to America’s best allies. Not only has the Trump administration renamed the Asia-Pacific region to the Indo-Pacific, out of concern for China, giving New Delhi a greater role and space in the region, but for the first time the United States has clearly stated that the India is a major nation. player in Afghanistan.

When Trump announced his South Asian policy to give India a key role in bringing peace to the war-torn country in August, for the first time a U.S. president aligned himself with New York’s stance. Delhi according to which terrorism comes from Pakistan.

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