I have no problem if Navya has a ‘child out of wedlock’: Jaya Bachchan

Veteran actor Jaya Bachchan recently joined her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda on her podcast “What The Hell Navya.” On the show, the actress said that “physical attraction” is very important to make a relationship last longer. She also said that at that time they could not experiment.

Talking about the physical aspect, Jaya said that a relationship cannot last with “love, fresh air and adjustment”. She added to her statement that there is no problem with Navya having a child out of wedlock.

Jaya said: “People will find it unpleasant coming from me, but physical attraction and compatibility are also very important. In our time we couldn’t experiment, but today’s generation does, and why shouldn’t they? Because this is also responsible for a long-lasting relationship. If there is no physical connection, it will not last very long. I feel you can’t be last in love, fresh air and adjustment. It’s very important.”

She further said, “It’s a shame sometimes, but a lot of the younger ones, of course, we would never, couldn’t even think about it, but the younger generation even after me, Shweta’s generation, Navya’s different game but they would feel guilty going through that experience and I think it’s very wrong. It’s all right and then you do things secretly. If you have had a physical relationship and you feel that still, my relationship otherwise did not work, you can be good about it.

Jaya Bachchan continued the podcast with advice for the younger generation. She said that she looks at today’s youth very clinically and since there is a lack of that emotion in today’s romance… “I think you should marry your best friend.”

“You have to have a good friend, you have to discuss and say, ‘Maybe I’d like to have a child with you because I like you, I think you’re pretty, so let’s get married because that’s what society says.’ I don’t have a problem if you also have a child out of wedlock, I really don’t have a problem,” added the veteran actor.

Apart from Jaya, granddaughter Navya and daughter Shweta Bachchan were also present on the podcast.

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