I discovered a game-changing hack to banish greasy roots without showering

SCHEDULING a hair wash can be a pain for busy women, so the thought of going days without showering and blow-drying would be a dream come true.

That’s exactly what happened to one American TikTok user who discovered a life-changing trick to avoid greasy roots without stepping into the tub.

Alex was overcome with excitement when she discovered her greasy hairCredit: tiktok

Alex James shared his mind-blowing trick with his followers and could barely contain his excitement.

“I discovered the key to making sure your hair doesn’t get greasy after a day, and I’m going to share it with you,” she beams. “I feel like this should be on the Internet.”

Alex explains her daily struggle with greasy roots less than a day after washing her hair.

“My hair gets greasy the same day I wash it. I can shower in the morning and by the time I go to bed my hair is an oil bomb,” she admits. “It’s just how my hair works and I’ve accepted it.”

Alex has tried just about every technique under the sun to keep the grease at bay from skipping wash day during lockdown to training her locks to buying every dry shampoo she can find.

“I tried masks, I tried not washing my hair for weeks…nothing worked,” she explains. “Until I started doing this.”

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Alex begins to explain his amazing hack that he discovered by accident. Picking up a bottle of Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, she reveals her secret.

“I was traveling to school after washing my hair with dry shampoo and sweating because I was late for class,” she recalls.

“When I got to class, my hair was a little damp with sweat. By the time my hair was dry, it was clean. And he stayed clean for another three days.

She adds excitedly, “I used to have to wash my hair every day.”

Then she gets to the good part: “Take a small spray bottle and fill it with water. You wet your hair with the dry shampoo in it. My friend said it was like a shower, but it wasn’t.”

She continues, “I do this before bed on the day I shower, and it makes my hair last three more days. It also doesn’t feel grainy.”


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Alex ends the video with his new hair motto: “Put dry shampoo in your hair and wet it a little, I swear to God. It makes my hair feel clean.

Almost 100,000 people have watched Alex’s clip so far and everyone is ecstatic about her discovery.

One TikTok user said: “Girl I have to try this. My hair is exactly the same and I’m so tired of washing it every day or putting it up on the second day.

Other users had their own hair hacks to share, including using shampoo twice during a wash and using a “clean” and “dirty” brush depending on when you last washed your hair.

Alex’s hack prevents washing your hair for three daysCredit: tiktok
She calls the discovery amazing and urges everyone to try itCredit: tiktok

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