I bought suits from Shein – the dress was perfect for more expensive

ONE Halloween fan was pleasantly surprised to unwrap a Shein package that contained the perfect costume at a frighteningly good price.

TikToker Bee decided to go pirate this Halloween and discovered that Shein serves as a one-stop shop for a cheap but impressive costume.

One of Shane’s dresses is a perfect duplicate for the popular Princess Polly dressCredit: TIKTOK/ br13klyn
Bee got everything she needed for her Shein pirate costumeCredit: TIKTOK/ br13klyn

Fashionista @br13klyn started the video by showing off her new dress and comparing it to eagle eyes.

“Isn’t this the perfect Princess Polly, I swear?” Bee said, noting the similarities between the popular brand’s $68 dress and her Shein steal, which cost less than $20.

She would grab three corsets to choose from for her costume: white, black, and brown.

The ghost shopper also packed some inexpensive accessories into herself, including fingerless gloves, a skeleton garter, hair accessories, temporary tattoos, jewelry, scarves, fishnet tights, and face gems.

“If you need pirate accessories and you’re a size smaller or petite – message me because I’ll give them to you,” she generously offered her followers.

“Basically, I have enough for two pirate suits, so if you need one – let me know!”

Another discount shopper tried to go to Shane for her Halloween costume, but ended up almost completely exposed.

To get ready for Halloween, TikToker Annaliese Wood ordered a two-piece cow costume from Shein for just $13.

When the bodysuit and headband arrived, she took to TikTok to brag about her purchase – and was clearly confused.

“This cow costume, I literally don’t even know how it even passes as a costume,” she said, holding up the skimpy outfit. “Let’s try to style it.”

Wood felt much more comfortable in her latest iteration of the cow costume than what she had received straight from the package.

However, she still encouraged her followers to style the costume however they like.

“If you want to wear this bodysuit the way it came, please,” she said. “We don’t judge here.”

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