I am afraid to report my harassing manager as I am in my first job

DEAR DEIDRE: MY manager pretends I’m invisible unless he’s being obnoxious and rude.

I’m a 23 year old male and I’m in my first job working for a security contractor.

He treats me like something stuck to the sole of his shoe

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I’m an administrator.

My colleague is 30, confident and thinks that’s all.

I’ve been working for a month, but this guy clearly didn’t like me.

Gives me menial tasks, then tells me to do the same job again, saying it’s not good enough.

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He treats me like something stuck to the sole of his shoe.

My colleague says he is harassing me and I should report him, but I don’t want to rock the boat.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like he has low self-esteem and is taking attention away from himself.

He sees you as a victim, but if you refuse to be intimidated, it will be difficult for him.

Learn assertiveness techniques by saying, “I wrote notes on this assignment and did it exactly as you suggested.”

When he ignores you, ask a question so he has to acknowledge you.
If things don’t improve, talk to HR or contact Acas (acas.org.uk, 0300 123 1100), which provides free, confidential advice on workplace issues.

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