Human trafficking busted in Balangir, 27 migrant workers rejected

Balangir: As many as 27 migrant workers were removed by the Patnagarh police during a raid while they were being illegally trafficked in Bagalabandh village here in Odisha today.

The accused kingpins have been identified as Mohan Meher and his aide as Tabir Rajhansh of Bagalband village.

According to reports, based on a credible tip-off, the Patnagarh police conducted a raid in the village. During the operation, the police rescued migrant workers and some of them belong to Sonepur, Bargarh and Gaisilet districts. Besides, 12 male workers along with 9 women and 7 children were rescued by the police and Tabir and Mohan were also detained.

Later, the government A labor officer arrived at the police station and asked about the documents of the workers of the arrested Kingpins. However, he has not provided any documents and valid answers to the officer.

After not getting any official documents from the arrested kingpins, the police arrested them and handed them over to the court.

Meanwhile, the government labor officer has taken the responsibility to send the migrant workers to their respective villages, he added.

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