How will Project Connect’s $300 million help people stay close to the new streetcar?

Summary of the investigation:

The Connect project was created to make it easier for people to get around Austin, but some worry that the multibillion-dollar transit initiative could also make it harder for some to stay in Austin. That’s why $300 million of voter-approved money for Project Connect in 2020 is earmarked for anti-displacement efforts to help residents and businesses near the project who are struggling to stay because of increased property values ​​and taxes . The KXAN Investigators are looking into how that money will be spent and if it will be enough.

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  • AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s hard to miss the Rangel family’s east Austin home, with a yard full of colorful decorations and flowers.

    And inside, it’s impossible to ignore the rich history their house holds.

    “We have a lot of memories here,” Margarita Ruiz-Rangel said. “I’ve lived here for about 56 years.”

    On nearly every wall are photos showing generations of family members who have passed through the doors. Margarita’s husband, Ladislao Rangel, proudly pointed to some: “These are our great-grandchildren right now.”

    But the Rangels said they are worried about their future here. There is movement beyond their walls that they cannot control.

    Their house is in what the city of Austin calls an area at active risk of displacement because it’s about four blocks from where the Montopolis light rail station, a component of Project Connect that will connect downtown to the airport, will be built .

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