How to Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account to Take a Social Network Break

In all honesty, taking a break from social media is one of the healthiest things you can do today. This allows you to significantly reduce Stress, anxiety and even depressionArguments that clearly need to be taken very seriously.

And either for this reason or for personal reasons, yes There are several ways to deactivate your Instagram accountfor a fixed or indefinite period.

In fact, Basically, you have three viable options: disable notifications from your account for a certain number of hours, indefinitely, or suspend them so that they disappear from the social network until you decide to reactivate them.

As expected, each of these alternatives behaves in different ways depending on what you are looking for, Specific procedures for each option are listed belowso pay close attention.

Turn off Instagram notifications for a defined time

Of the three options, this is the simplest and the one that can stop you from distractions in social networks for a short time. These can be between 15 minutes and 8 hours. So, if you are interested in this option to mute your account for a few hours, you should.

– Go to the Instagram app and click on your profile tab in the bottom right corner.
– Click on the three white lines in the upper right corner and then access the tab of Attitude.
– Enter the section of notifications.
– Activate the switch pause everything and select the specific time you want to mute notifications. You can choose times from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

Mute notifications until you decide to turn them back on

Another option is to disable notifications from social networks indefinitely. This is something you can do instead of completely banning your account, so you just don’t get app notifications and that’s it. To do this, simply do the following:

– Enter your Instagram profile and click on the white lines at the top right.
– Access the section of notifications.
– Enter each of the tabs and disable existing notifications.

Temporarily deactivate your account

Last but not least, we have the option to temporarily demote your Instagram account. To do it, Your account will disappear from the social network, but only for as long as you wantso keep in mind that while you take your time, other users and your followers won’t be able to find your profile.

And unlike the previous options, this is a process that it can only be done through the Instagram website and not from the app, so you need to take that into account to get started. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the respective steps:

– Once you have entered your profile on the Instagram site, click on the button that appears next to your username and indicate it edit profile.
– Go down and then click on the blue lines that say Temporarily deactivate my account.
– Explain why you want to deactivate your account, then enter your password and finally press the blue deactivation button. Temporarily deactivate your account.

To reactivate it you just have to do something else you log in normally and that’s itthe account returns to normal operation.

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