How to Get Deepwood Memories Artifact Set in Genshin Impact


Find out how to find Deepwood memory sets.

Genshin Impact’s Deepwood Memories artifact set was designed to increase Dendro’s damage and work well with other items. As is the case with most useful items, however, if you want to use it with your various damage-dealing Dendro characters, you’ll need to find it somewhere in the world. Here’s everything you need to know How to get the Deepwood Memories Artifact Set.

Location of the Jenshin Impact Deepwood Memories artifact set

The Deepwood Memories artifact takes place in Avidya One, as a reward for completing the Domain of Blessings: The Seven Senses. Once he enters the forest, he seeks the summit of lonely enlightenment. The location of the summit is circled on the map below.

All of Deepwood Memories' tracks take place in Genshin Impact: The Labyrinth Wayfarer, Scholar of Wine, A Time of Insight, Lamp of the Lost, and Laurel Coronet.

The set consists of these five pieces: Labyrinth Wayfarer, Scholar of Wine, A Time of Insight, Lamp of the Lost and Laurel Coronet.

How to get the most out of the Deepwood Memories artifact set

This set, when paired with other elemental attacks, pushes Kitty to the maximum of Collie’s strengths. She tries to combine this with a hydro and pyrotechnic attack on a group of enemies for a fast and devastating bloom.

To maximize the damage of such combos, it is best to collect 5-star versions of set pieces. Only four pieces are needed for the maximum bonus, so Collei gets 5. equipAnd from a different set.

That’s all we have How to set up the Deepwood Memories artifact in Genshin Impact. Check out this guide for some of our other things about Genshin like the 2022 concert, new character Candace and Cyno.

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