How to empower boys and girls about taking care of their body?

We are about to celebrate the International Children’s Day, and like every third Sunday in August, it is a date to continue to promote the well-being of children in all its aspects. To achieve this goal it is important that parents commit and play an active role based on communication, trust, truth and respect, where they can talk about the various questions that minors ask themselves about their bodies every day, the difference between children. and girls, how children are made or born.

It is important to talk to them about sex education to break the taboos that still exist in our society on these issues; for example, menstruation. For more than 20 years Nosotras® through the Schools Program has tried to normalize menstruation, through the education of girls and boys. Knowing your body and the period of puberty will affect the more self-confident and empowered generations who know how to set their limits by reducing vulnerability”, Says Yenny García, Marketing Manager of Nosotras Peru.

Many times children may be afraid of water or not want to swim in the winter.  (Photo: Unsplash)
Many times children may be afraid of water or not want to swim in the winter. (Photo: Unsplash)

The specialist shares 4 tips parents should consider when talking to their sons and daughters about knowing and caring for their bodies:

  1. Teach him to keep his body clean: Many times children may be afraid of water or not want to swim in the winter. Out of empathy and without anger, she talks to him and explains the value of maintaining good hygiene, this also includes the importance of changing her underwear and clothes in general on a daily basis.
  2. Call things by their name: As part of their body exploration, it is important that parents use proper names for all parts of the body and do not use “funny” nicknames or names. This will help children learn how to use them naturally and without being embarrassed.
  3. Talk to them about privacy: Boys and girls begin to discover their body parts through self-examination, it is normal for them to do so and it is not to upset the fact. However, it is important to discuss with them that they should do this in private and not in public. Also, make him understand that all people must respect his body, he shouldn’t stop touching himself or invade his privacy.
  4. Promotes healthy habits: Children follow the example of the elderly, taking the gestures and words of the mother and father above all as a reference. Therefore, if you want your son or daughter to develop healthy habits, do some physical activity with him, whether they go to play football, volleyball or run, choose an activity that both of them can enjoy.

The Schools Program Powered by Nosotras® to date, it has provided information to over two million girls between the ages of 9 and 13. This year it was proposed to reach more than 300,000 girls and boys nationwide. Distinguished for being more inclusive, it will cover the child population, who will receive information from experienced psychologists on child sexual development in both sexes with the intention of normalizing and educating about the stage their partners or women are going through in their families.

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