How to easily add Remote Desktop users in Windows 11

Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system comes with support for the Remote Desktop feature which allows the user to connect to the computer remotely.

While the feature is quite useful, it is not available for all license types of the Windows operating system. It is not available for Windows Home users, so to have access to this feature, you must have Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise on your system.

If the user on the Windows 11-based system is not added to the Remote Desktop feature, the user will not have access to the feature, but you can manually add a user to access this tool.

There are several ways to add a user to the Remote Desktop feature, but for this guide we will focus on just one of those methods. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to add a user to have access to Remote Desktop using the built-in Local Users and Groups tool.


How to add Remote Desktop users in Windows 11

Step 1: Open the Local Users and Groups control panel. To do this, press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard and when the Run prompt appears on the screen, type “lusrmgr.msc” and hit the Enter key.

Step 2: When the tool opens, expand the “Groups” section in the left pane, then double-click the “Remote Desktop Users” option from the right pane.

Step 3: In the Remote Desktop user properties settings panel that opens, click the “Add” button, then click the “Advanced” button.

Step 4: Select “Integrated Users or Security Principals”, then click the “Find Now” button to get a list of all users.

Step 5: On that screen, choose the user you want to add access to the Remote Desktop feature to, then click the “Ok” button for each open settings panel.

That’s all. After following the step by step guide mentioned above, you have successfully added a user on your computer to have access to the Remote Desktop feature.

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