how many seasons according to George RR Martin?

The author of the novels behind Game of Thrones gives his estimate of how many seasons it will take for the successful spin-off.

Fans of the latest series going on in Westeros are reassured: the Dance of the Dragons has just begun. This evocative civil war takes place during the reign of the Targaryens over the Seven Kingdoms and therefore requires a multigenerational narrative. Thereby, the time jumps that viewers have already seen in this first season will apply to the rest of the series. However, this seems to confirm George RR Martin, the author of the novels at the origin of the phenomena of the series.

Through his blog, the creator of the fantastic universe expresses his feelings House of the Dragonthe adaptation of his saga Fire and blood tracing the origin of the Iron Throne. George RR Martin is full of praise for the colossal work of the teams leading the series, most notably actor Paddy Considine who plays Viserys Targaryen. Apart from these congratulations, the author also reveals the ideal length for the series to cover this whole war essential to the history of Westeros.

A rhythm adapted for modern broadcasting

To the rhythm of the first season, George RR Martin thinks that four seasons should allow this part of the Targaryen story to be adapted to the small screen. According to him, the time jumps implemented in the series provide a dynamic that makes it easier for viewers to immerse themselves in the universe.

If House of the Dragon had had 13 episodes per season, it probably would have been possible to show everything we needed to skip time. However, if I covered all the events, there would have been negative feedback from viewers who thought nothing was happening and that the series was “too slow”.“.

The standard format of the series now revolves around 10 episodes, and the teams responsible for the series have clearly managed to brilliantly adapt George RR Martin’s stories in the author’s own words. Given the undeniable success of House of the Dragon, so fans should be happy to know that this new story could last three more seasons. As a memory, the series has already been renewed for a second season immediately after the first episode aired. Suffice it to say that HBO is betting hard on its dragons …

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