How Amazon trains VSEs and SMBs in online sales

How Amazon trains VSEs and SMEs in online sales

Between personalized coaching and tutorials, Amazon works hard to support VSEs and SMEs in their online development and in their own market.

Whether it’s its platform vendors or VSEs and SMEs looking to accelerate their online development, Amazon has decided to position itself as a partner of choice. Since the end of 2020, the company has opened a program in France, the digital accelerator. On this completely free site, entrepreneurs will find a comprehensive offer on twelve specific topics with 5-10 minutes of tutorials, webinars, quarterly boot camps over several days and even personalized coaching sessions. “Our first observation was that SMEs have estimated the importance of digital,” explains Clara Getzel, Amazon France’s Marketplace Manager. We wanted to provide the missing link by giving VSEs and SMEs the opportunity to train and become self-employed.

In its two years of existence, 20,000 companies have joined the program offered by Amazon France, whose contents are prepared by 25 partners with different skills. At Artisan du Cristal, an SME with seven employees based in Vallauris (06), Alicia Klein is responsible for the digital transformation of the company founded by her father and has integrated the Amazon France program. “After answering a questionnaire, we were selected to participate in personalized coaching sessions, says the young woman. We were able to choose between several buses and we selected one with experience in marketing in France and abroad. Abroad because we want to work on the visibility of our products. It helps us make better use of our social networks and make our content more attractive ”. Coaching is organized around one and a half hour regular video sessions over three months.

A tool for SMEs

The digital accelerator can also be a gateway for third-party sellers and future Amazon third-party sellers. Of the themes offered on the site, some focus on selling in a market and highlighting products. On the other hand, for Clara Getzel, Amazon France Marketplace Manager, “this is not the heart of the matter. We wanted to cover all the facets of e-commerce on this training platform and support entrepreneurs who didn’t know where to trade online ”.

For Alicia Klein’s father, Valéry, online selling has become essential. “At first I was skeptical, but we accelerated the movement with the crisis of the yellow vests and then with that of the covid and without this palliative we would have been in a complicated situation. By the end of August 2022, our sales had increased by 30% in one year and we were able to seek external markets and hire two people, ”says the founder of Artisan du Cristal.

Educate future salespeople

If the digital accelerator is open to everyone, Amazon will also support its third-party sellers in its market. “Our central seller dashboard is also an entry point for SMBs to open up to Amazon and monitor their performance. This is where online activities are handled. There are also webinars offered there, “says Clara Getzel.” On the seller’s platform there are FAQs with videos explaining the latest features, webinars are also organized, details by Alicia Klein. If we do not find answers to our questions, we will contact support who will call us back within 5 minutes and help us solve our problem “.

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