How a teenage fan’s knock on Anvil’s dressing room door led to 40 years of friendship and an iconic musical film

2009 saw the official release of Anvil! history of the anvilA now legendary rockumentary, of course, Anvil – a Canadian metal band than ever Completely Despite the initial enthusiasm and famous fans like Slash, Lemmy Kilmister (who once asked Anvil frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow to join Motörhead) and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich made it. But Anvil’s biggest fan was director Sacha Gervasi, who was there from the start as a 15-year-old volunteer roadie. He has never forgotten the kindness that Lips and Anvil drummer Rob Reiner showed him in the early 80s, and when he was finally able to reciprocate, he definitely did.

The meticulous project of Gervasi, Anvil! history of the anvilIt became one of the most successful and beloved musical documents of all time – Martin Scorsese, Jimmy Page, Dustin Hoffman, Chris Martin, Jay-Z, Dave Grohl and Anthony Bourdain praised it – and ironically, Anvil brought them success. . Completely restarting his career was a dream from the very beginning.

Today, Gervasi and the band celebrate their 13th birthday by re-releasing the film – “It’s a bar mitzvah; some people were at Bryce’s and now we’re at the bar mitzvah, ”Gervasi jokes, mirroring that with Yahoo Entertainment how it all started.

“I first heard of Anvil on the cover of sound magazine. I think it was April 6, 1982. And this Lips was holding a chain, wearing a bondage robe, …

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