House of the Dragon: A new king ascends the Iron Throne as royals plot after Viserys’ death

For the Iron Throne, Otto, Alicent and the council conspire. As King Landings bid farewell to the deceased, the new king ascends the throne.

The last episode of The House of the Dragonepisode nine was released on October 17. To begin with, there was a strange silence in the Kingland. In the palace, the morning seemed completely dark.

Her attendant informed Alicent Hightower that her husband and King Viserys I had died. She told her father the news and the misconception she had received that Viserys wanted his son Aegon to be king.

Otto couldn’t believe it. The scene ends with the father-daughter team discussing how to move forward after Alicent states, “This is the truth.”

The Secret Plans of Otto and the Council

The council learned that the king had left later in the day. According to Otto, Viserys parted with them after giving them a gift. He said that before he died, he told his wife that he wanted his son to take the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.

The council agreed and stated that there was much to accomplish now that they had the support of their king. After all this time, Alicent realized that the council was already planning to install Egon as monarch of the seven kingdoms.

Lord Lymnn Bisbury criticizes planning council. He cried out in shock, asking how the king could suddenly change his mind, express his request to no one but his wife, and then die. Ser Christon killed him before he could tell anyone the message.

Egon is missing

Alicent, Aemond and Criston are concerned about Aegon’s location because he is nowhere to be found. Kristen and Emond search the streets and nightclubs of King’s Place, but are unsuccessful.

Otto enters the hall and demands that the members of the other houses swear allegiance to the new monarch, as they had done in the past with Renira. No one was to leave the palace without first declaring their intentions. He made it clear. It was obvious that each person only had one chance. They must either kneel or face prison.

When they couldn’t find Aegon, Kristen and Emond started talking to each other as an ally. Emond admitted that he wanted to rule as king. He stated that he was next in the line of succession and that it was never his brother’s concern who took the throne. “If they come looking for me, I intend to be found,” he declared.

A war of words between Rhaenys and Alicent

When Princess Rhaenys found Alison standing in her room, she learned of King’s death. She predicted that Aegon would succeed Viserys as king, claiming it was Viserys’ last request. She was there begging Rhaenys for help.

Alicent made a concerted effort to convince Rhaenys. The Queen, though clever, has always relied on men for support – her father, husband and now son. The only reason Alicent asked Rhaenys for help was to create a window in her cell. The princess questions the queen about her desire to take the throne. Alison left Rhaenys’ room.

Alicent’s wishes

In his room, Otto and Alicent talk about what will happen to Rhaenyra Targaryen. She claims that her reluctance to commit murder is not a weakness. She added that she intended to send Renira three terms, which she would be honored to accept.

Alicent also expressed to Otto his desire for all seven kingdoms to be present to see Aegon ascend and Ser Christen become the new High Commander.

Alicent found Lord Larys Strong waiting for her when she entered her room. She took off her shoes and sat next to him, showing him the skin on her feet. This forced Lord Larris to reveal all the information to her. She assigned him a duty that would undoubtedly result in bloodshed.

Aegon ascends the Iron Throne

When Otto reported The death of Viserys Targaryen and Aegon’s ascension to the Iron Throne, royalty and King’s Landers flock to City Hall.

Aegon assumed the role of king and placed the crown on his head after the rituals. Everyone was to fall on their knees before the true king, who was to be known to all, according to Ser Kristen’s message.

A dragon materialized out of thin air as Aegon revealed his newly acquired abilities. Riding it, Princess Rhaenys flew out of the room. However, Alicent briefly considers burning them all.

Planning for the Iron Throne is already burned into the bloodlines. The unsettling silence of the episode was a plan to prepare the ground for future brutal battles. We look forward to seeing how Renyra and her family will get back what they were promised and rightfully deserved.

Final lines

On October 17, episode nine of The house of the dragon came out That was the last episode. At first there was a strange silence in King’s Landing. The palace looked like complete darkness when dawn broke.

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