Henry Cavill leaves the role, but we know his replacement

Henry Cavill will officially leave the role of Geralt de Riv in The Witcher series.

The announcement is unexpected and far from unanimous. This weekend the official Twitter account of the Netflix series The sorcerer official departure of Henry Cavill. The actor, who had camped Geralt de Riv in the first seasons, is about to bow. If he is present for the third season of the serial blockbuster, he will be leaving his role in a few months. There is no sign of signing the end of the saga that began in 2019, the Witcher will simply change his mind.

Liam Hemsworth reprises the role

After Henry Cavill, it is therefore up to Liam Hemsworth that the Netflix showrunners have decided to entrust the White Wolf magazines. The actor, who had already distinguished himself in the saga The hunger games should be the new face of the character of season 4. An afterthought that should be ignored unless the platform in red N manages to anchor him in yet another twist.

On his social networks, Liam Hemsworth did not hide his pleasure: “As a Witcher fan, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play Geralt of Rivia. (…) Henry Cavill was an incredible Geralt and I am honored that he handed me the reins “.

Henry Cavill remains the man of steel

Unsurprisingly, this announcement confirms Henry Cavill’s priorities at DC Comics. Since 2013, the on-screen actor has embodied Superman’s iconic role for Warner Bros. in the saga. man of Steel. Determined to make up for the delay to the MCU, the DC Extended Universe may finally decide to play its cards. After putting a head in it black adamthe film about the anti-hero of Shazam! Released a few weeks ago, Henry Cavill is expected to reprise his cloak as Krypton’s last child.

Obviously we would have liked to see the actor be able to divide his program between the two projects. A disappointment visibly shared by Henry Cavill, who explained on his Instagram account:My journey as Geralt of Rivia is full of monsters and adventures, and alas, I will put my locket and swords in place for season 4“. It remains to be seen how Netflix will hang up the floats after this new hit. Small consolation though, Henry Cavill will remain the face of The Witcher until the end of the third season, announced for summer 2023.

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