Hemant Soren’s ‘criminal’ demands strict punishment on Jharkhand Governor

Hemant Soren said the Center abuses agencies such as the Directorate of Law Enforcement


Jharkhand Prime Minister Hemant Soren said on Saturday that this is an unprecedented case in which the “criminal or accused” demands punishment when the constitutional authorities should have delivered the verdict.

Soren was referring to threats of her disqualification as an MP on the basis of the Election Commission advice to Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais on August 25 in a case of a for-profit office following a BJP petition. However, the governor remained silent on the matter.

The constitutional body that previously enjoyed autonomy is now controlled by the central government, believed to be Soren, who is also the incumbent president of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM).

“Have you ever heard of a case in the country where a criminal or a defendant asks to be punished or knows the quantum of the sentence? I appealed to his Excellency (the Governor) to deliver the verdict with folded hands, which will also be punished, ”Soren said at a press conference here.

He attacked the BJP-led central government, arguing that it would abuse constitutional authorities, as well as agencies such as the Enforcement Directorate, to create unrest in states run by non-BJP parties.

“Who is responsible for this? If a criminal is in a constitutional position and repeatedly tries to know his crime, the condemnation of him, then make it clear. We have not seen similar examples in the history of India.

Soren, who completed three years of JMM-led coalition government in December, said, “Our representatives met him (the governor), I met the governor. We had also made a request through RTI to know the details.

He said he felt “punished” and victimized for lack of transparency.

He said: “The current situation is nothing but a punishment for me. I said that if I have committed a crime, how can I afford to hold a constitutional position.

Knocking on the saffron party, the JMM leader said its leaders talk about morality and morality but don’t follow.

“Our rivals talk about morality and morality. What kind of morality is it? This can only be explained by them. Who is responsible: the governor, the electoral commission or who supports them? I am not aware of the verdict. But it seems our opponents know everything.

He said the Center is silent on corruption cases against BJP leaders and “extremely abuses” of central opposition forces.

“Hemant Soren only scam for 88 decimal lands?” Soren asked referring to the office of the profit issue.

Without naming anyone, he said constitutional officials and experts such as “former chiefs of justice and former attorney general” had expressed views in his favor.

Following the BJP’s request to disqualify Soren from the assembly in the case of the profit office, the electoral commission sent its decision to the state governor on August 25, sparking a political crisis in the state.

Although the election commission’s decision has not yet been formalized, the election commission is said to have recommended the disqualification of the prime minister as a deputy in relation to mining lease.

Last month, the Soren government won a vote of confidence in the assembly, amid fears that lawmakers in government of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and Congress would be scammed into overthrowing the JMM-led regime. MPs from the BJP-led NDA opposition, however, staged a strike.

The prime minister said: “I don’t know if the governor knows or not. We cannot lead the government on the words of the opponents. It is a democratically elected government and will operate constitutionally. We are still awaiting the verdict. ” ” Said.

Soren argued that the autonomy previously enjoyed by constitutional bodies did not exist and that they were “controlled”.

He said, “Look at yesterday’s example. The Electoral Commission has announced assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, but not in Gujarat. Previously these were scheduled on a schedule, but now changes have been made. No power to control it. East.”

Election dates for both states were expected to be announced at the same time.

On the drought situation in the state, Soren said an assessment is underway and, with the exception of 5-7% of the area, the rest is subject to calamities.

The Prime Minister said that a report will be prepared within fifteen days and that a special dossier will be requested from the Center.

On the question of Lokpal’s lawsuit against JMM Supreme Shibu Soren, the CM said the saffron party knows how to set the political agenda.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had addressed the Delhi High Court earlier this month, demanding the cancellation of his previous order to suspend proceedings initiated by Lokpal on the basis of Shibu Soren’s complaint. The case was scheduled for a new hearing on November 10.

Regarding a case where a class 12 student was recently burned to death and the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) said the police were not cooperating, they said they took the case quickly. was followed.

On mob lynching cases, he said his government tried to pass an anti-mob lynching law, which the BJP opposed and claimed that during the last five years of the saffron party’s rule, the state it had become a “lynching area”.

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