Heartbreaking video shows a visually impaired boy ‘watching’ for the first time – TechInkers

Juni also mentioned the noise from fire brigade equipment.

A woman posted a video on Facebook showing her blind son having the ability to “see” a firefighter by feeling his hand at his equipment and uniform. The clip attracted a lot of attention online with users describing it as beautiful and thanking the fireman for giving the boy the experience. A woman named Destiny Fiacetti runs the “Adventures of a June Bug” Facebook page (a personal blog), where she continues to post photos of her son, Juni, describing her experiences.

“The little guy has to go on a school trip to the Plant City fire station! He sure loved every second of it. He walked around the station, heard the message on the loudspeakers, looked for the fire truck and the sirens heard! ” Ms. Fiashetti said in the post about her.

“Her favorite part was spending time with this patient fireman who allowed Junie to touch his uniform and his gear, touch anything he wanted, hear the sound of his equipment and answer any questions he had. Later he went into the fire with her. even trucks, “he said.

According to CNN, Ms Fiashetti adopted Juni in 2020 after raising her for 16 months. She told the outlet that the purpose of making the video was to let the world know that lack of vision isn’t a bad thing. The woman added that she wanted to show what the world looks like from Juni’s point of view.

“It’s more than terrifying! What a patient fireman and what a delightful curiosity …

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