he had seven murders on his record

Rene Jesus Aarony Limaleader of the criminal organization “Los malditos de Bayóvar”, Has passed away as a result of two gunshots to the chest and two to the neck that occurred during the shooting since last August 5 in Siemposuelos. Two other men aged 40 and 25 were seriously injured.

From the first moment it was clear that they were different two male murderers who caught him aboard a motorcycle and shot him and his companion, then fled the scene on a motorcycle. The main hypothesis is that the shooting was carried out by a reading. The Civil Guard continues search for the authors of the facts.

The Deceased, better known as “Mad Aaron”whose body was found since Thursday at the Forensic Anatomy Clinic, is 40 years old and may be involved in more than seven murders. In fact, he was blamed for the death of Carlos Burgos-Gonzalezson of Carlos Burgos Horna, former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho (north of Lima).

National Police car.

National Police car.

The crime trip “Mad Aaron” This made him set foot in many police stations. For cases like the murder of his accomplice John Ezekiel RC., alias “Chicharrón”, a two notorious criminals on this side, a businessman dedicated to music events and the director of an educational center. General and let it be known, seven crimes.

nagain He was arrested in 2016 by the police of his country when he tried to create a new criminal organization but he was released due to excessive pretrial detention. The last intervention against Aroni was carried out in 2021, when on National Police surprised him in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic covid party in the La Victoria neighborhood of Lima.

[La Policía Nacional investiga un tiroteo en el salmantino barrio de Chamberí]

“The Cursed of Bayovar”

It is about a criminal group with a extensive criminal history in Peru. Many of its members were arrested and convicted accusations of murder, drug trafficking, threats, robbery, extortion or illegal possession of weapons. It also investigates whether they are trying to settle in Madrid and if “mad Aroni” was in charge of this possible branch of assassins.

They have it clear criminal organization.

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