Harsh Goenka Shares Kohinoor Extraction Plan!

Rishi Sunak the appointment of the new Prime Minister of Great Britain caused a frenzy on the Internet. Ever since the 42-year-old pulled off this big feat, netizens have filled all social media platforms with memes. While some were about Indian rule over the UK, others were about Sunak’s uncanny resemblance to former cricketer Ashish Nehra.

Ever since Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister, several people have also asked if he can bring back the Kohinoor. Amidst this, Harsh Goenka’s tweet giving away a perfect plan to extract the gem is going viral online.

In his tweet, the RPG chairman mentioned that this was indeed his friend’s plan. He combined the two pranks and came up with a perfect plan that involved kidnapping Sunak to send Nehra back to him.

The first point of the post was to invite Rishi Sunak to India. Followed by his kidnapping when he will be stuck in Bengaluru traffic. The third and fourth points read: “Send Ashish Nehra as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom instead. Nobody will realize it’ and ‘Nehra will be told to pass the bill to bring back the Kohinoor’.


The post went viral with 43k likes and counting. Users took to the comments section to share their witty reactions. One person wrote, “Nehra can’t speak English,” while another commented, “Good idea! Nehra will not be allowed by the government. His name sounds like Nehru!’

Here’s how others reacted:

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